Suzanne teaches in Milan (Italy), offering hatha and adaptive yoga classes and private sessions, in person and online, to students of all abilities.

She organises and teaches adaptive yoga trainings in Europe, for yoga teachers, caregivers, healthcare and wellness professionals and practitioners, to integrate yoga and its transformative potential into their practice, especially with people living with disabilities, trauma and disconnect.

She designs and teaches modules on adaptive yoga that have been integrated in different teacher trainings.

Modules and trainings are based on Matthew Sanford and Mind Body Solutions‘ teachings.

The universal principles and sensations that are at the core of the yoga practice also help us feeling home in our bodies and part of the world.

We can all experience them, regardless of our ability, age and health conditions.

While learning to listen and feel the poses and the sensations they reveal, we explore the elements that support them.

Once we know what we want to reveal, we can start being creative in the relationship with all our students, exploring ways to help them feel and integrate those sensations in their practice and life.