She attended her Yoga Teacher Training at Soloyoga – (RYS Yoga Alliance USA). She teaches in Milan and shares Hatha Flow and Slow Yoga classes on the MBE YouTube channel.

Former dancer and theatre actress, she’s been teaching modern and contemporary dance as well as dance theatre and physical expression techniques for over 15 years, both in Italy and abroad.

In all these different disciplines, the physical work is the main focus as the body is a tool for expressing creativity, ideas, emotions.

Practicing and studying Hatha Yoga has been a natural evolution of her journey, as the practice of yoga poses is just one of the first steps towards the union of body, mind and breath.

She deeply believes that through yoga we can reach a perfect balance between physical well-being and spiritual and emotional growth, and she sees yoga not as an empty performance but rather as a never-ending source of inspiration and a powerful tool for personal evolution.