Giulia lives in Milan, where she trained in Hatha Vinyasa and Restorative yoga at [hohm] street
She recently discovered the Centered yoga method that she practices at Francesca Petrilli’s
Centered Yoga Studio.
She also keeps studying Restorative yoga by taking part in Judith Lasater’s online classes and
She started teaching to share what yoga has meant for her; a path of self discovery, of our
potential through our limits, and an opportunity for the body to rediscover its ability to be present to
the world.
In her Hatha Vinyasa classes, she looks for simplicity by guiding students towards the discovery of
the essence of the poses to develop body awareness, and by making each pose accessible to
everybody through a gradual and informed process.
She believes in the power of Restorative yoga as an opportunity to open up and let go, to soothe
our nervous system, and to reconnect to the space of calm and peace that lives inside each of us.