Project Utopia


Utopia was the name of the project under which Diego Zane and I traveled, in search of images and inspiration, in the years 1996-2005.

Diego was a director and an independent video producer, whith many passions like reading and studying, writing, music, photography, electronics and computer science, which he all integrated in his work.

He had already been working on the project for some years, when we met.

It was a multifaceted research, inspired by Diego’s interests, among which sociology (at the time he was investigating the relationship between urban environment and undergound trance movements), systems science and patterns, and should have brought to the production of a series of multimedia artworks and performances.

It was an ongoing life project, and Diego never stopped working in that direction, even after the severe stroke he faced in 2002.

After a while, I needed to search in other directions, and met yoga, but today, two years after Diego passed away, I know that the reflection on solitude and interconnectedness, on all that brings us closer or pushes us further away from what is called oceanic feeling, is where we keep meeting.


This is why I want to find a way to share some of it, through what we were, the things Diego left for us and those that I keep exploring today.

I would like it to be a “multimedia binder”, containing visuals, music, thoughts, quotes and all that might inspire a reflection on these themes, and then see if and how it evolves in time…

More soon. Suzanne