February 2021 • Universal principles and sensations • Adaptive Yoga: exploring our own practice to share yoga with everybody

Training for yoga teachers, healthcare and wellness professionals practicing yoga.

The training sessions are held in Italian, but all our programmes can be held in English upon request, and brought anywhere in Europe. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like us to teach it in your country.

Based on Matthew Sanford and Mind Body Solutions‘ teachings, this workshop explores the principles and sensations at the core of the yoga practice to reveal that they are universal and can be shared with everybody.

It is open to yoga teachers and professionals with a yoga practice who work or wish to work with people living with disabilities, trauma, loss or finding it difficult to feel whole and fully part of the world, and to those just wishing to delve deeper in their own practice and acquire new skills to welcome all students in their classes.

We will explore the universal principles that transcend muscular action and health conditions and can be shared with everyone.

We will discover that adapting yoga means much more than adapting poses.
It is an exploration of ourselves.

The training emphasizes teaching the experience of the pose rather than the physical accomplishment.

Believing that the commonality between us and our students is our own practice, we will explore firsthand what this means.
This approach touches us all, and thus is universal and transformative, for us as well as for our students.

It is a practice that meets us where we are, and in time, through the work on the sensations that are part of our being alive, can helps us feel less disconnected and come back home to our bodies and to a fuller experience of our being part of the world.